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I/O Extender
I/O Extender

MGL Stratomaster I/O Extender

  • Input / Output Extender module"
  • Expand ENIGMA's acquisition and control capabilities.
  • Connects to display module with a simple "Airtalk" cable.
  • 8 digital Input/Output (channels 1 to 8).
    • Input : Inputs are considered high level at about 3.5V, low level below 2V. Compatible with 12V. Inputs are weakly pulled down with generous noise filtering. You can for example wire a switch between +12V and any digital input.
    • Output : Digital outputs can switch 0.5A to ground (maximum rating 1A).
  • 7 analog inputs (channels 9 to 15). Analog inputs have a 0-12V range with a 10 bit ADC resulting in values from 0-1023. Can also be uses as digital inputs similar to channels 1 to 8.
  • 4 digital inputs (channels 16 to 19). Similar to channels 1 to 8 inputs.
  • 1 "Shunt" input. Used to measure current across a shunt. Configure for any shunt or current range values.
  • Download installation manual: I/O Extender manual
  • Ref : MG_IOExt
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