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"AirTalk" Downloadkabel

SmartSingles Airtalk Kable

BlueTooth connection for AIRTALK

BlueTooth connection. Click for larger image.

  • This option provides a BlueTooth (R) connection with a PocketPC or PC.
  • Use it to connect SP-x Horizon & Compas and/or I/O Extender module(s).
  • Example PC program reading SP-2 Compass data MGLSP2.htm Download the program MGLSP2.ZIP
  • Example PC program reading SP-4 (Attitude) and SP-2 (Compass) data MGLSP4.htm Download the program MGLSP4.ZIP
  • Speed 19200 bauds.
  • Typical current 45mA.
  • Typical distance 10m.
  • Operating temperature -30°C ~ 90°C.
  • Weight 40g approximatly.
  • Réf : MG_SP_BT

BlueTooth connection for GPS & AP data

BlueTooth connection fpr GPS/Autopilot data. Click for larger image

  • This option allows broadcasting the GPS and AP data available at the back of ENIGMA or ODYSSEY through a wireless Bluetooth connection, for usage on a BlueTooth equipped PocketPC or computer.
    BlueTooth (R)
  • Typical use: A BlueTooth equiped PocketPC runs a navigation software application ( NAVI, PocketFMS, Winpilot, , etc..) and use GPS and GOTO data from ENIGMA or ODYSSEY.
  • Speed 4800 Bauds.
  • Speed 4800 bauds.
  • Typical current 45mA.
  • Typique distance 10m.
  • Operating temperature -30°C ~ 90°C.
  • Weight 40g approximatly.
  • Réf : MG_PA_BT

Daten Download Speicher

SmartSingles Download Key

Download Key

  • 24 x 22 x 65 mm.
  • This unit is used to transfer your instruments flight log details into our Flight log program.
  • It can store the full flight log up to a maximum of 240 flights.
  • All you have to do is every now and then connect the key to your instrument to update any new flights you have done since the last time the key was connected.
  • Once the data has been downloaded into the key it can then be connected and transferred to the Flight log program running on the PC.
  • Airtalk to PC cable (Ref : MG_Airtalk_CA) included.
  • Flight log software not included - It can be downloaded freely here.
  • Französisch Bedienungsanleitung : Download_key_FR.pdf
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  • Réf : MG_Keyring

CNV-ALT2 Schnittstellenkonverter

Schnittstellenkonverter CNV-ALT2




  • This 10 000uF electrolytic capacitor is an inexpensive and useful addition to your aircrafts power supply.
  • It can significantly reduce noise signals on your power supply that may be affecting your VHF radio such as ignition noise or rectifier/regulator noise artifacts.
  • The capacitor must be installed as close as possible to the noise source with very short leads for maximum effect.
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  • Ref: MG_10KuFCap

EMI Interference Suppressor

EMI Interference suppressor

Clip-On Ferrite

  • If you are experiencing any noise problems on your intercom/radio system or your avionics behaves differently when you press the PTT button, maybe you should consider the use of our EMI Interference Suppressors.
  • Ferrite beads are used to block energy at radio frequency from traveling on wires. They can be extremely effective if used correctly and are used in the following situations:
    • Blocking of EMI (electromagnetic interference) for radios and intercom systems
    • Blocking of EMI originating from digital electronics emissions (conducted emissions)
    • Proofing of digital electronic devices from effects of strong conducted interference originating from radio transmitters
  • These devices needs to be installed on every cable assembly to and from the avionics/intercom system, about +-5cm from the end of the cable assembly. Just one loop around the EMI interference suppressor is required.
  • MGL Avionics has selected two particular effective ferrites. The first type shown in the above pictures is very effective and suitable for preventitive first time installation (new installations). This type is relatively low cost.
    The second type is suitable for installation onto existing wiring harnesses. This ferrite is effective despite not being molded in a single piece due to a clever "defined airgap" machined at extreme precision. This ferrite type is also suitable for experimentation as it is easily removed and placed in different locations. Cost is relatively high for this ferrite type.
  • Warning: Beware of ferrite suppressors sold in many electronic shops or mail order catalogs. Nearly all of them are made from Manganese-zinc or Iron powder and have zero effect at VHF frequencies (100Mhz or higher). We only sell high quality Nickel-zinc (NiZn) ferrites made and optimized for operation at VHF frequencies and effective to over 1Ghz.
    Attenuation / Frequency Perfomance of the closed ferrite bead. Dotted line is with two wire turn and solid line is with one turn. clip-on ferrite bead. Thick line is one wire turn and thin line with two turns.
  • Englische Bedienungsanleitung : EMI_Suppressor
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  • Ref: MG_Ferrite
  • Ref: MG_Ferrite_Clip Clip-On model

TransZorb (c)


  • This device is used for the effective overvoltage protection of sensitive electronic equipment on your aircraft.
  • Voltages of several thousand volts can be measured in your aircraft when operating devices such as electrical motors, starter motors or solenoids. The surge protector clamps these voltages to an acceptable level suitable for electronic equipment.
  • Not fitting such a device has been responsible for much damage to radios and other electronic equipment on aircraft.
  • Französisch Bedienungsanleitung : tz.pdf
  • Französisch Bedienungsanleitung : tz_en.pdf
  • Um nach unseren Katalogen/Tarifen zu fragen
  • Réf : MG_33VTR

Backup Batteries ENIGMA

Backup Batteriy for ENIGMA

  • 12V lead acid sealed battery
  • Weight 360g, Dim 96 x 25 x 62 mm
  • Connector AMP Housing 1-480318-0 & 8116-1
  • 0.8Ah (20h) 0.48Ah (1h)
  • As ENIGMA backup about 40mn @ full brightness (700mA)& 72mn @ half brightness (400mA)
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  • Ref: MG_BAT_12V0.8A

  • 12V lead acid sealed battery
  • Weight 600g, Dim 97 x 43 x 52mm
  • 1.4Ah (20h) 0.85Ah (1h)
  • As ENIGMA backup about 77mn @ full brightness (700mA)& 135mn @ half brightness (400mA)
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  • Ref: MG_BAT_12V1.2A

Elektronisches Flugbuch

Stratomaster Flight Log

  • The Stratomaster Flight Log program can be used for the extraction and viewing of all your flight data from one of the following instruments:
    Stratomaster Flight
    Stratomaster Extreme
    Stratomaster Ultra (all types).
  • Simply connect it from your computer to the instrument using our Airtalk to PC cable or alternatively data can be downloaded to the PC using the Log download device.
  • From version 1.5 onwards, the flightlog program can also use the new USB to airtalk interface.
  • Easy maintenance of your flight log
  • The flight log can be printed
  • Flight time calculator can add the times between two given dates
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT and 2000 compatible
  • Download the program setupsmlog.exe

Screen Designer für Ultra HXL

HXL Panel Designer

  • This free PC software package can be used to easyly customize your Ultra in the comfort of your armchair, and then later at a click of a button, download the configuration you have just created into the Ultra.
  • This program allows you to simulate the actual Ultra instrument with all its functions. In addition you can use it to design your own screen layouts and configure your instrument in detail. When you are ready, you can simply download your design to the real instrument.
  • You can also upload designs from your instrument to your PC and store these for use with other Ultras, you can create a whole personalized library of screen layouts and instrument setups.
  • This program is also used to update your Ultra to the latest firmware release so you can be sure you allways have the latest software and features installed.
  • Requires PC, Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP. For simulation, 2.0Ghz PC minimum required
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